Thursday, August 4


hi kids.
do you have an iphone?
do you have the (free) instagram app?
if so, find me!
user name: elisabethb

i love looking at everyone's photos on here!
it's such a fun way to connect with people & a great way to get to know people.

if you have an instagram account, leave a comment with your user name so i can find you!



grace said...

i now follow you!

elisabeth said...

i'm following you back :)


che'lyssa said...

i love following you on instagram! so much cute pics! :)

Jennifer said...

What is instagram???

elisabeth said...

instagram is a photo app.
you take pics & post them.
people can "follow" you.
you can also "like" & comment on peoples pics.
it's an awesome way to see what people are up to!

thanks! you always have super cute pics too :)


Julip Made said...

Now you're just rubbing the amazingness of the iphone in... I think I need to finally cave and get one!

kimbirdy said...

aw man, i'm having middle school flashbacks where all the cool kids were a part of a club that i couldn't afford to be in. me and my 2004 flip phone will be standing over here in the corner by the kid with braces. :)

elisabeth said...

if it makes anyone feel any better,
i have an older model & i bought it for SUPER cheap :)


Kasey Lynne said...

i am obsessed!

following you!

Caitlin said...

I love Instagram! And all your photos :)

elisabeth said...

thanks ladies :)