Saturday, August 6

the middle east.

just a little something for your ears...
my personal favorite is blood.
song: blood
song: lonely

 if you like them as much as i do,
grab their ep for free by clicking

what have you been listening to as of late?


--JamJam said...

i LOVE the song Blood. So goood.

gratefulmama said...

Such a beautiful song! Thanks for sharing!

michael ann said...

oh i love their song blood! thanks for sharing the link to their ep, i will def have to grap that :]

Madeline said...

I've been listening to a lot of fun Seattle bands (where I recently moved)...
Grooveshark them!

The Head & the Heart
Kris Orlowski
Ivan & Alyosha


Monique said...

Love your blog. Just stumbled across it today. Now you have a new follower :)

Em said...

what I'm hooked on lately musically is:
Haley Bonar: Golder
Armor for Sleep
Mumford & Sons
Manchester Orchestra.