Monday, August 1

mostly fun things.

this weekend was pretty action packed.
it was my bff, sarah's birthday
as well as the last weekend we had with my
brother-in-law, sam before he leaves to ghana africa for the next two years.

how was your weekend?



kimbirdy said...

yay! i love time with dear friends. glad you had such a great weekend!

vintch said...

looks like a fabulous weekend. those are some pretty snazzy shoes and some pretty beautiful friends!

Caitlin said...

How fun! You and Sarah are adorable. And yay for ice cream and bowling! said...

Great pictures..I love small ice cream businesses...I always try to go there instead of big chains. They usually have a fun vintage feel.

Red Boots said...

It looks like you had a great time! Bowling is always so much fun, though I have to admit I have a terrible aim!! x