Friday, July 15

there's no place like home.

you may remember me mentioning in this, this & this post
that we were doing some renovating followed up with some redecorating.
things are slowly coming along.
we've been juggling all the home improvements, 3 family weddings & busy full time jobs.
but i wanted to give you a peek of my favorite things in our little home.






Carly said...

Oh, girl... I *love* the bookshelf! The collection of vintage-ey cameras just does it for me. Such an awesome mix of clean, modern lines with something so decorative and meaningful. Definitely bookmarking that for when I decorate.

I love your style. Looks like it's coming along well. Thanks for the sneak peak!


Mateya said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog :) The bachelorette party was really fun!

Love those yellow shoes! Adorable! Looks like you have a beautiful home!

Caroline said...

Why is your bookcase infinitely cuter than mine?!
Love your home, love your flooring, love your shoes! Totally motivates me to head home and get my house back in shape after a month or four of neglect :)

chantelle.elise said...

SHUT UP the floors are TO DIE FOR!!!

You guys did so amazing!!!

elisabeth said...

thanks ladies :)

katie.michelle said...

I love all of your vintage cameras on display! Very lovely! And, of course, the kitty cat :)

Sarah Pete said...

That bookshelf just has my heart. So fabulous.
And I love the upside down "Push" on the doorbell. :]
Such cool pictures and it looks like you have such a beautiful home!

vintch said...

ok so like every single other person on here LOOK AT THAT BOOKSHELF!! so so fabulous. i also love the bird feeder, and the pretty sofa. girl, you're living in style:)!

kimbirdy said...

beautiful! you have a great sense of style and i love how clean/organized everything looks {ah...sanity}, yet there's still plenty of character. i hope to attain that someday with my home. and i said this on your floors post, but i'll say it again - i LOVE the black floors!

Stephanie said...

GREAT JOB! Looks amazing! Love the cameras!

Hannah said... i am literally head over heels in love with your bookshelf-ish-camera-ish wall. like so in love. this is my dream!

beka*b said...

Pretty pictures :) I especially like your camera 'expedit' display and that shot of those bright yellow shoes on your black and white mat is very striking!

Poppa Dan said...

SHUT. THE. DOOR! (Unless I'm the one knocking...)
Beautiful! Totally your very cool style. Likee mucho.