Monday, June 20

home improvement.

remember this post,
i mentioned we were going to be putting in new wood floors in our living room & bedroom...?
well we ripped up a corner of the carpet only to be disappointed and not find
the original hardwood floors we were hoping to find.
it seemed so strange.
our duplex was built in the 1940's,
wouldn't you think wood floors would be pretty standard in a home of that time period?
under our carpet was ply wood.
wah wah.
we ripped up the carpet, ripped up the padding
and decided to rip up a piece of ply wood too...

so instead of installing wood floors,
we are currently refinishing wood floors.
it's a heck of a lot cheaper, but about 4X's the amount of work.

this may delay my planned bathroom remodel that is scheduled for this week,
but i'm pretty happy about the floors.

what did you do this weekend?



chantelle.elise said...

WOAH! ply wood over wood floors AND someone painted the wood?! what in the world... what an adventure!!

Delaney said...

That will look so good when your done but it does seem like a of hard work! Good luck :)

kimbirdy said...

i'm always so sad when friends rip up carpet to find the most gorgeous wood floors underneath. who would cover that up?! anyway, glad you found yours. i love the look of old, rugged wood flooring, and it just makes every home a little cozier. yay!

Julip Made said...

Exciting, but exhausting! Can't wait to see when it's complete!

Trissta said...

Oh! That's sooooo exciting! I wish I lived in an old house where I could find all sorts of treasures like that! Good luck with it, I can't wait to see what it looks like when you're done!

Much Love,


whitney said...

i love this picture though. i work in construction so i appreciate the little things like this. good luck with refinishing and just think about how amazing you'll feel when you are done and know how much {blood} sweat and tears went into it!!

let me know if you have questions!!


Stephanie said...

I'm sure they'll turn out lovely! And you'll be happy with the money saved in the end. Can't wait to see more pictures!

Lola Jay Design said...

How exciting!!! I love home projects!! I have done it all. Call me for sure if you need any help or tools!

Bri said...

can't wait to see how they turn out! i love wood floors :)

Jessi said...

We had an original wood floor in our bedroom that had been painted an awful shade of red-brown, it took forever to strip, but was worth the work!