Tuesday, June 14

to do list.

the next couple of weeks are a bit action packed for us.
i decided to share my to do list & follow it up with later posts of before & after pictures.
here goes:

1. rip up the carpet in the living room & bedroom, prep for new floors
2. lay wood floors in living room & bedroom
3. turn the living room walking-in closet into an office space
4. repaint bedroom
5. bathroom remodel:
- paint
-hang a new mirror, shelf & hardware
-cleanup caulking on the tub
-hang new blinds

in case you missed this photo when i posted it on twitter,
here's the beginning of the major yard demo!

1. pull out old fencing & shrub roots
2. clean up all the flower beds
3. trim and shape the pine tree
4. brick the side patio
5. level out dirt on the side of the house & in the driveway

we're working on things everyday over the next 2-3 weeks.
hopefully we'll finish with all fingers & appendages attached...
seeing as how we'll be using some heavy duty machinery to
accomplish the above to do list.

what summer projects are you going to be working on?



Sarah Pete said...

Wow, that's a lot! it's exciting though! Best of luck!
Over the summer? We're going to be repainting and moving into a little rental home. I'm hoping we can replant/touch up the yard, as well. Super excited!

kira said...

You have a lot on your plate! I'm sure it will feel so great to have it finished.

We have a backyard project coming up as well as putting together a nursery this summer.

Stephanie said...

Take lots of before and after pictures!

Molly Baxter said...

Awesome! It's slow going, physically labouring and most satisfying work!!
Over the past two Spring/Summers we've graded and topped our 300' driveway, Graded a large yard off the porch, hand sifted truckloads of amazing soil dug up from our pond last year, made raised garden beds and planted a large veggie garden(my first!) and various other plants in our many pots...next is grass! Inside is a whole other story...Super gratifying. Keep it Up! Love to see your before/after shots

FEPA said...

aawww amazing!!!! love all ur plans :) and specially love ur blog!!! great job! thank u so much for bringing such a nice feeling into my nite :)