Tuesday, June 21

you know you're a grown up when...

you're excited about furniture & paint colors.
when i was little i never understood why my parents got so excited over 
paint, furniture, a new fridge or anything related to home/yard renovations.
but now...
i do.
and it's probably the only thing in life that makes me feel like a grown up.
now i waste time dreaming about my dream home or 
spend hours on the internet looking for furniture & decor ideas.
over the last 3-5 months the husband & i have been in the market for new furniture.
we want to start buying higher quality furniture that we love and aren't 
just hand-me-downs from family.
although we're forever grateful for those hand-me-downs!
with that said, we've searched & searched and found a few pieces we agree on!
(which in my opinion is the hardest part!)
over the next few months we'll be purchasing a new couch, a new coffee table,
a new bookshelf & a new rug to tie it all together!
all to go in our new living room with it's newly refinished wood floors & baseboards.
(coming soon!!!)

here are some of the items we've picked out:

 this couch & matching side chair from lovesac

this coffee table from IKEA

this bookcase from IKEA
(we currently have this, but in black and the larger size)

i'm still not sure about the rug.
i think we'll have to figure that out once we get all the other pieces in place.
sometimes i'm a bit weary of buying things from IKEA.
some of their stuff isn't the most sturdy,
but i've personally tested out that bookshelf & coffee table.
i think they'll be great.

does painting, new furniture or home/yard renovations
make your heart skip a beat too?!
i sure hope i'm not the only one.



Mary Nevin said...

this is so true!! i used to think my mom was so strange dragging us to fabric and interior stores growing up and now i'm frequenting those very stores :) When I bought the domino book of design is I knew I had officially entered the world of being a grown up!! Love those picks, we have that ikea shelf and it's awesome!! can't wait to see what develops

Sarah Pete said...

You are SO not alone! Not in the least bit!

I don't remember my parents doing a lot with home decor--little pieces here and there--before we moved. I, however, have always loved decorating and get super excited every time I live somewhere new becuase it is a clean canvas waiting for me to paint myself all over it.
We're moving in about a month, and I am bouncing off the wall with excitment. New paint, new funiture, new decor. It's so fabulous. I can't wait to see your completed home-decor project! So exciting!

Hannah said...

hahaha this is completely true! i am also obsessed with home decor/paint/silly little house things (lately I've been obsessed with cute outdoor patio furniture), and I do feel like a grown up! we're growing up huh?!

i love the pieces you've picked from ikea! i definitely have been skeptical about the quality/sturdiness, but everything i've ever had from ikea has held up pretty well!

best wishes :)xoxo

Gwiddle said...

haha I totally know what you mean!! I get so giddy going to home improvement stores! It is like a toys R us for big kids. haha

Kate said...

I know the feeling - everytime i go to ikea i'm daydreaming of decorating my own home!

vintch said...

does it ever.

we've actually gotten our bright yellow kitchen chairs and t.v. stand from ikea, and they've held up GREAT. i too have heard the horror stories of things cheaply falling apart, but none of that has held true for us. ikea is so much fun to shop:)

you'll LOVE your new furniture! so far, we've just got mainly hand-me-downs, but i can't wait to decorate our future home with lots of new/vintage goodies:)

Julip Made said...

Most definitely and when I was little too because my mom is a design/ color consultant she'd let us pick colors and design our rooms. Given, my tastes have matured a little from bows, ruffles, and horses, although I still love some good equestrian decor. Btw I LOVEEE the expedit bookshelf. we have the TV version in our living room and the 5x5 in our bedroom with baskets for storage. Can't wait to see how all these pieces come together!

Kristina Clemens said...

I love the pieces you picked from IKEA! We have the big black square shelves too! Aren't they awesome? LOVE! This room is beautiful.
Kristina J.