Friday, June 29

because we love eachother

36 weeks

37 weeks

38 weeks

...and our trip to california...


he could literally be here any day.
and it's so hard to wrap my head around everything.

today i'm nesting.
it's quiet.
and i keep finding myself in a heap of mixed emotions.

it's not just brandon and i anymore.
no more picking up and going on a last minute weekend trip.
no more late movie nights.
no more lying around in bed sunday mornings catching up on politics.
i'm so grateful for the few years i've had brandon all to myself.
they've only got better and better.

...but i cannot wait to meet my little noah.

for that single moment when i hear him cry for the very first time.
and hold him.
and love him.

for that single moment when he sees his dad for the first time.
and he holds him.
and loves him.

and for that single moment when we're a family for the first time.
and we have no idea what we're doing,
but it's ok.

because we hold eachother.
and we love eachother.


Unknown said...

You guys are going to be the cutest little family ever! Noah is going to be one lucky little boy!

Courtney B said...

Love following you on instagram!
I am so excited for you and Brandon to become parents!! I totally understand that feeling of "not having a clue" but it's kind of a good feeling when it comes to adding to the family :)

Ashlee said...

I am in love with the bikes pic! so cute!

Ruthy said...

I love the fact that you took a road trip late in the pregnancy. I went on a major trip to Paris in my third trimester because I knew that after baby came my life would change drastically but for the better. Seeing your baby for the very first time is the best feeling in the world.

Liz Brown said...

GO pregnant biker girl! :) I can't wait to see a baby Noah announcement on here.

eliz. said...

You are the hottest girl on a bike! :-)

Loove that picture...time has passed so fast...he will be here before you know it!