Tuesday, August 9

DIY inspirations.

paper string lights
for details visit: wit & whistle


yellow thistle flowers
for detials visit: house of earnest


kissing pleat/tuck duvet
for details visit: blake & tigan


t-shirt necklace
for details visit: instructables

what one is your favorite?



vintch said...

aaah! the t-shirt necklace! i'm off to figure this out. the last time i tried to make a necklace, it involved a way-too-expensive metal engraver, some native american-esque suede strings and an off-centered engraving of my name. it was a hot mess! this looks a bit more do-able!

Ashlee said...

i love the billy button flowers! i just bought stuff to make these last weekend for my office room makeover. im excited to incorporate them. so cute!


kimbirdy said...

i love anything diy! i made a couple t-shirt necklaces like that and i get compliments on them all the time. little do people know how ridiculously easy they were to make! hooray for the diy-ers.

Jessica Renee said...

Ooh definitely the paper lights! I'm gonna check that out for sure. Twinkle lights make me SO happy! :)

kira said...

The paper string lights are awesome, but I love those flowers too!

autumn jordan said...

These are all lovely ideas! I wish I was a little more crafty / patient!

autumn jordan

Drew {Coral Cafe} said...

Loving those paper string lights! So magical, dreamy and romantic!