Wednesday, August 10

farmers market.

yesterday we went to the market to grab some fresh stuff.
i'm always amazed at what we can get & for such a good price.

for $30 we got:
-a bundle of carrots-
-5 pounds of red potatoes-
-6 ears of corn-
-a dozen peaches-
-1/2 pint of blackberries-
-1 loaf of multi-grain bread-
-a bucket of green beans-

...and i swear it tastes a million times better than stuff at the grocery store.
thank you to local farmers.
your hard work is appreciated by my tummy!


14 comments: said...

Oh my goodness I haven't seen carrots like that in a long time.

Karen said...

Food from the farmers market does taste so much better!!

The lady said...

you me and sar need to do a girl time trip to the FM before it's over!

kristin e bazan. said...

i love just walking around the farmers market, seeing what everyone has to offer. the dallas one is poorly lit so its hard to take photos, but i do love taking photos of all the fresh produce at others. i also love the samples they give you. i have yet to have a good peach this year, maybe i need to visit the market this wkend. tx peaches are seriously the best.

Tori said...

Looks delicious:)

kimbirdy said...

it definitely tastes better from a local farm! no cross-country or international travel time required, no cutting corners to grow as much as they can, just good food treated well from beginning to end.

Ashley Sloan said...

Oh wow that food looks delish!!! I so need to go to a farmers market!!! We have one close by and we never go...been on my to-do list for awhile lol. Thanks for following my blog girl! I need to follow yours, it is super cute!

Ashley Sloan

Tabadoo said...

Such great finds I think I'll go this weekend to ours! Thank you!

Crystle said...

I am all about the Farmers Market! My dad and I used to visit them when I was young. He'd always buy peanuts in a shell and munch them up and down the aisles.

autumn jordan said...

those look delicious! farmer's markets are so fun, it's great to get everything so fresh. are you planning any awesome meals for this week with all that delicious food? you should try a peach cobbler! mmmm.

autumn jordan

Anonymous said...

i love going to the farmer's market! those black berries look so yummy

Meg {henninglove} said...

i love farmers markets they can help in cutting down the money i spent on produce. plus it is direct from the farmer so you know what you are getting.

Erika Gregory said...

I absolutely love Farmers Markets. We have several great ones here in Indy. We are even lucky enough to have a winter FM which is indoors.
Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting today!

Rhiannon said...

this made me so hungry.