Thursday, June 23

taking a lunch break.

i'm currently taking a lunch break from all the
painting & sanding & sweeping & cleaning
to post a little update...
mostly because i'm so excited about how everything is turning out.

here's what we've done:

we ripped up all the carpet & padding in our living room & bedroom.
under the padding was some ply wood that had been nailed down to the wood floors.

then we ripped up all the ply wood.
some of the wood floor was painted, so we applied a paint stripper to those areas.
after removing the paint, we cleaned and washed the areas the stipper was applied.
then we rented a huge power sander & sanded all the floors.
once we cleaned up all the dust from sanding we decided that we'd paint the floors.
staining them wouldn't give us the coverage we needed & wanted.

we went with a dark espresso color...
penelope decided to help out a bit.

this is the walk-in living room closet that we're turning into  a small office area.
the floor only has one coat of paint in the photo.
we're apply 2 coats to all the floors.
once all the floors are dry,
we'll be touching up the baseboards so they'll be a nice crisp white.

these photos aren't the best & all taken from my phone.
when we're done, i'll post some decent before & after pictures.

i do have to say that i'm really happy we decided to rip up the ply wood
and refinish the floors, rather then installing new ones.

well, i'm going to go back to work to get some more painting done!
have a good day!



Lauren Quinn O'Neill said...

Awesome job! It looks great. I am moving soon and getting ready to get my paint on too. :)

Julip Made said...

Hahah I love the paw print picture... typical of what would happen in our house too!

Aubrey said...

pat yourself on the back. Good job!

autumn jordan said...

wow! the floors are starting to look quite beautiful! I can't wait to see the end result!

autumn jordan

Caroline said...

Looks incredible! I cannot wait to rip up our carpet downstairs! My to-do list of house chores keeps on growing and growing and never getting tackled - but seeing all you've done sure is great motivation!