Sunday, April 3


every summer i play outside...
a lot.
and every summer i get sunburned.
{thank you pasty white skin}
especially on my part line.
then it peels and i look like i have dandruff.
so, i FINALLY bought a good summer hat.
i would put sun screen on my part, but then my hair would look greasy & gross.


fedora found at: forever21 for $13

i have hats, but don't wear them too often.
sometimes i feel awkward in them.
but i really feel like this was a good buy.
i think it fits me & looks pretty cute.

what do you do to protect yourself from the sun?


Raquel said...

I love this fedora, I never wear hats & just put on spf moisturizer every day. I really should invest in something like this, it's super cute

Sera Pie said...

How cute~ It looks so cute on you!

I also feel awkward in hats but I, too, am very fair. Maybe I'll be investing in a fedora this summer too. :) said...

i had a fedora just like this, and it got completely squished during my move. ugh. i have to get a new one those, this looks so adorable!

pip a la chic said...

I love hats!!! I have short hair so their perfect for me when I'm too lazy to do my hair.

mj { a r c h i ♥s m a r y - j a n e } said...

i think the fedora is a nice solution for sun protection. good work.

Tracy said...

Very cute blog! I'm into t-shirts and hats with SPF protection in the material.

Maggy said...

love it! looks fabulous

rachelinaustin said...

So cute! As fair skinned as I am, I always have to slather myself in sunscreen... maybe a fedora would be a cuter solution. :)