Monday, April 4

my first marathon.

i'm not too athletic.
although i used to be on my jr. high basketball team...
{as an alternate}
and i did play soccer until i was about 13 or 14.
not that i was any good at either.
and for some reason everyone wanted me to play volleyball...
probably because i'm tall.

but, ballet & running are the two things i stuck with.
i never ran track or anything, it was more just a hobby.
i was really good at long distances for a while.
i've picked it up again & decided that i'm going to run my first marathon.
since i'm pretty out of shape and can't run like i used to,
it's going to take a lot of time and training.
but i like running.
so it's not hard to stick to.
and this years is in 2 weeks.

of course i'm not going to be ready, so i plan on running in next years.
i'll do 5k's and whatever else crosses my path in the mean time.
i bought a training schedule from the slc marathon website to work with...
as well as these puppies:

i'm really excited.
the husband is going to train with me & potentially run it too.

it's always easier for me to exercise with a goal like this in mind.

have you run/walked in any races?
any advice for a first timer?



Bon Bon said...

I've never trained for a marathon/race or anything, but I would love to! I've played sports my whole life, but running is one thing I've never focused on. Sounds like a great challenge:-) xoxo

Anya adores said...

I think it's fab that you are going for it. I used to run - but mainly sprint, so endurance is not my strong side. I just went for the first run of the season today - feel slightly rusty, but will get going. Good luck with training. A xx

Ruthy said...

I think it is so cool that you will be training for your first marathon. I have done cross-country in the past but that was years ago so getting into shape has been quite a challenge. I am looking forward to see your progress over the next year as I am too going to be training for a half-marathon and it will also be my first.

Kimbirdy said...

yay! this is so amazing. the idea to do a marathon {a half-marathon to start with} keeps tapping me on the shoulder, but i have yet to answer it. i highly respect anyone who takes on this challenge since i know what a commitment it is. friends who have done this, all said that joining a training group/class was essential for staying committed over a long period of time. that was the main advice i've heard. good luck, and you're my hero! :)

Christie said...

Well, my brother has run a marathon, and frankly I'm far too scared to try :)

MelissaOklahoma said...

Congrats on signing up for your first marathon! I have always wanted to run a half marathon and hope to do someday soon.

mj { a r c h i ♥s m a r y - j a n e } said...

I'm the same as you. I'm so lazy! U can't run unless I have a specific run/ goal in mind. FYI there's a Timp trail half marathon on May 21.

Meredith said...

holy cow, so so cool! I'm inspired by your bravery. I'm so not a runner but I'd love to be. good luck:)

Dale said...

Good luck with your first marathon. That's soo cool you're setting that goal for yourself because it's a tough one. :)


Andrea said...

That's such a great goal! Good luck! Make sure you sign up asap -because once you've actually signed up, it's a lot more motivating. I ran a half marathon a few years ago, and it's the best feeling ever crossing the finish line. Are those running shoes? They look too cute and flat on the bottom -but hey, I'm no expert:)


Amylou said...

Oh how cool. I've never run one, but my cousin did and she said it was so rewarding. Good luck!

Laura said...

Good luck with your training! I picked up running as a hobby during college and ran my first half-marathon during my senior year. I found that, once I registered for the race and emailed my friends and family about the fundraising aspect, I was pretty much unable to back down from my commitment and had to stick to my training. I did my share of walking on race day but I think that completing a long distance race is as much about mental training as physical and I'm sure you can do it, especially with a training buddy like your husband!

Jessi said...

good luck with your marathon! such a great goal

Julip Made said...

Oh very exciting Elizabeth! I played varsity soccer in college, but I somewhat burned out with long training hours and several injuries. I'm finally getting back the urge to get into great shape and have been considering signing up for a half. Keep us updated with your training!

Kacie said...

you're brave! :)
i so admire those who run marathons!
maybe one day for me.
and those shoes are totally adorable.
i love nike running shoes.
i have the black free runs and i LUH-VE them