Saturday, April 2

dear husband,

i love you very much....
except for when i open up your undershirt drawer to see this:

brandon's folding job and/or inability to grab the top undershirt
without wrecking the rest of the stack.
{it has yet to be determined which of these incidents is the cause of this mess....
i've considered planting a video camera somewhere in our room.}

every week i do laundry.
and every week i fold all your clothes so neat & tidy.
 making sure everything is in it's perfect place...
so you can imagine the look of horror on my face when i open your drawer
to add to the stack & see what a damn mess you've made.

{it looks something like this}

once i've calmed down a bit,
i grab your mess and re-fold everything.
then i put it all back in it's place.
like it should be.

my folding job and obvious ability to clean up & add to the stack in a organized manner.

we'll be working on your folding/removal from the stack technique
in the up coming weeks.
be prepared.

your wife


Jenna said...

oh man, i can only imagine! ha. i'm going to have it bad with the dishwasher.. ocd? probably.

Andrea Neudorf said...

Bleh you should see my hubby's closet space:( And usually I'm the one who breaks down and puts his shirts back on the hangers!

J.Crabbit said...

HAHA My wife and I just got a great Laugh out of this... it is apparently more common than you think.

Sera Pie said...

Hahahaha, this is adorable.

And my hub does the SAME exact thing. It makes me crazy.

Anya adores said...

HE HE - you are lucky you didn't see out flat today - bought new wardrobes, but before the closet organizer (ME) got working the whole place looked like a war zone. Love how you exhibit drawer A & B.
Lovely blog you have - following you - please come and see me sometime, hope you'll follow me back :O)
A xx

Absolute Novice said...

Hahaha this is hilarious! I've given up with my partner, he does exactly the same thing. Digs through his clothes beacuse apparently he only likes to wear whats on the bottom of the pile. Now his clothes go unfolded into the drawers. He has promised me that if I start folding them again he'll stop making a mess of them. I said you fold, then you'll know how truly frustrating it is!! Hope you have better luck than me x

Caroline said...

My boyfriend used to do the same exact thing! It drove me batty! His newest thing is leaving t-shirts that have been worn only once hanging over our closet door. a) t-shirts worn once = not okay to wear again. b) is it so hard to just put them back on the hanger in the closet or toss them in the direction of our hamper? Boys. He's getting better at least :)

I changed our whole laundry folding system so our t-shirts and other foldables would no longer be an issue - T-shirts/jeans/sweaters are now folded and laid in stacks in the drawer like this -

Changed my life! Haha- it's the little things :)

Kuleigh said...

Amen. Hopefully he learns!

Kimberlee said...

Wait...did you write that to your husband or my husband? That was to my husband right? xoxo

aubreebschmitt said...

my husband does the same thing! it drives me a little bit insane, but we just have to keep re-folding them! :)