Friday, April 1

friday favs.

sorry, no april fools.
i'm boring.

today's friday fav is my polaroid sx-70 land camera.
{just one out of my extensive camera collection}

it's awesome.
and i got it for $25 at a thrift store 5 years ago.
it came with it's original leather case and a very expired pack of film...
and in working condition.
i was even lucky enough to get the flash bulb with mine.

once i put a new pack of film in, it wasn't working as well.
so i need to have it tuned up.

what cameras do you have?



Kevin and Melissa Williams said...

that is so cool, I hear people saying they find camera at thirft stores I am so jealous.

Write it in Lipstick

Kasey Lynne said...

that thing is rad!!! what a great find.

Anonymous said...

me gusta mucho tu blog, las fotos son muy bonitas!!
ojala tuviese una polaroid, me encantan!!

CaL said...

Very cool! & WOW what a great price! My friend just got one & had to fix arrived in the mail broken. On top of that...who knows how much he spent on it. These things are expensive! So cool! I love your blog!

Janette said...

UHHH-MAZING CAMERAAAA!!! And such a deal!
Janette, the Jongleur