Friday, March 11

friday favs.

i'm sure you're all well aware of jeggings by now.
jeans + leggings = jeggings

but they are one of my all time favorite things.
always comfortable.
always cute.
and always make my butt look awesome.
{or at least i think so}
even if i am having a fat day.
and they're super affordable.

i've also heard that they're awesome for maternity and post-baby.

if you don't have a pair,
get one.
you'll never look back.


renee kristine said...

i need to just do it, take the plunge.. maybe i'll get some this weekend

...there's pajama jeans, too

c.w.f.h.l. said...

i love mine! i have them in black and want to wear them every time i go out! thanks for finding my blog the other day - because now i'm following yours! have a great friday!! xo kendall

Dylana Suarez said...

these pants look amazing!


Mighty Burns said...

I think id feel silly in them? But Maybe I should at least try some on to see..

Karoline Kalvø said...

Love these jeans.

Check out my blog if you've got time and feel like it. It would mean a lot.
Karoline Kalvo

Brianne said...

Those. Look. Awesome. I have a couple pairs of super-skinny jeans... do they qualify as jeggings?

And I just found this blog and I'm *staying*, haha! You are such a fun blogger. :) And I have the same necklace you're wearing in your 'about me section'. It's a favorite. :D

-Brianne Danae

Rania K. said...

I don't have a pair yet but I like them so much when I see them on other girls!I should get one soon!

Lissa Chandler said...

i totally agree! i thought they were weird the first time i saw them, but basically i want to live in mine.

Renee B. said...

LOVE these!!!!! Especially with heels!
Cute blog, so glad I found you!!! :) :)

Teresa said...

Mmm... I have a pair of jeggings just like those that are super comfortable and really help define my shape. Love the medium gray color as well!