Sunday, March 13

my little guinea pig.

it was my nephew, peyton's, birthday over the weekend.
so of course i brought my camera along.
he's kind of becoming my guinea pig...
he'd let me take picture of him all day long if i wanted to.
and he doesn't pose for me, which i like.
i have to chase him around.
and every time he hears my camera click he says, "let me see!"
so i show him the pictures and he laughs.

we played outside on his new swing set.
and he brought his new lightning mcqueen car.

he makes me laugh.

i also taught him to say, "cabs are here!" like pauly d {from jersey shore}...
followed up with a good fist pump.
it's probably the funniest thing i've ever seen.

how was your weekend?



for now said...


that just made my year, seriously.

Mighty Burns said...

Aw he is beautiful!
My nephew is so polite.. if my brother asks him to lay down for a nap he'll say, "No thank you Daddy". lol My friends son has started to copy me when I use non swear swear words around him, like "chicken pot". "Why did you call them a chicken Pot?" I tell him becuase they are silly thats why.. so he now calls his toys "chicken Pots" lol

Kimbirdy said...

haha, a pauly d impression? awesome! kids are so great to train like that. :)

Megan said...

Oh my gosh, he is just adorable! You took some really great pictures of him!!

stephanie said...

These are amazing! He's too cute and you have talent with that camera missy!

Valerie said...

Love it so cute! He is adorable! I love the pictures.

Missy said...

That last picture of him made me actually laugh - it has such a happy and adorable feel to it! Well done!
Love the fact you are teaching him Jersey Shore- That's what Aunties are for haha!!

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