Thursday, March 10

new bag & things.

i've been on a search for a new bag for a while now.
mine was a total wreck.
i'm one of those people that holds onto things until they literally fall apart.
my old bag had reached that point.

then i came across this beauty:

...and i feel like this picture doesn't do it justice.
{because it doesn't}

well, i bought it at target... if you were wondering.
because i love target.

{good equation to always remember}
affordable + cute =
happy elisabeth & happier husband

on another note...
lindsay, from scenic glory,
makes super sute photo booth pictures of people and posts them on her blog!
and she made some of brandon and i:

she did such a good job!

that's all for now.



Kimbirdy said...

cute photos! i love the scenic glory photo booth. so fun! and what a great target find! i love their stuff - definitely cute and affordable.

Mighty Burns said...

ooo I love that purse very cute! I am going to get a "grown up" purse when I start to make actual money lol

pocketwonders said...

I actually really like that bag.

It's definately my style -- simple and such a nice colour. :)

It's too bad we don't have any Target stores in Canada...

for now said...

i have this i have this i have this and i looooooooove it also!!!

ms. elisabeth said...

pocketwonders: how in the world does Canada not have Target?! least you have tim horton's.

c: haha! I'm so glad we have the same bag!
clearly we have great taste.

mj said...

lucky getting a new bag. i love it.

Simple Life Journey said...

Love the purse. Simple. Just my style.

Megan said...

I am a total Target lover! They always have some really cute stuff!!

Love the photobooth pictures...y'all are precious!!

Kimberlee said...

God bless Target.

Sarah CHIC NEVERLAND said...

beautiful bag dear!!

I need your help! If you like my look please vote me here

Thank you sooooo much!

Fit With Flash said...

i saw that yesterday at Target! i wanted to go look more, but i was on a mission and had to put the blinders on... very cute. : )

lindsay said...

love your photobooth pictures!! thank you again for taking part in the fun :) happy weekend! xoxo

Megan Flynn said...

What a great bag! Thanks for following my blog--yours is just lovely <3

Young People in Love said...

super cute bag! isn't target the cure-all? seriously. i'd be lost without it.