Thursday, January 6

so many great things!

my handsome husband got me this:
(nikon D3000 + 18-55mm lens)

for christmas...
which happened to be on my christmas list.

i've been taking photos left and right.
once i finally get the hang of it, i'll post some.

i FINALLY got this:

(3GS iPhone)

which my husband owed me...
you may remember THIS very entertaining blog post
about why brandon owed me a new phone in the first place.
i know, it's not the 4G that is stated in the signed contract,
but this one is obviously cheaper and we've been working really hard to save money...
so we came to a very reasonable compromise.

side note:
here's a funny story...
(actually, it's not funny.. at all)
once upon a time i had an iPhone.
and one time,
while i was running a breast cancer fundraising booth,
someone stole my iPhone.
then i cried.
the end.
(see, i told you it wasn't funny)

and last but not least...
i worked my butt off 
(literally, like, it's disappearing!)
at the gym yesterday after work and it made me happy.

tell me about YOUR great day...



Mighty Burns said...

oh man where to begin! I guess really i have been just feeling really happy and kinda calm with a side of giddy :) I love it when that happens :)
Those are some awesome gifts! I have the 3Gs too and I adore it!

Kimbirdy said...

what an Awesome gift!!! i can't wait till we have jobs and i can get a super nice camera. have fun with it!

sarah nicole said...

And sushi tonight! SO many good things. : )

Shalyn said...

Wow, so wish I could say my day was a heck of a lot like you day...I embroidered...instead of going to the gym. I am so cool! ha!

Rylie Renee said...

I love your blog! It is so cute! :)
-Rylie from

Misfits Vintage said...

I wore a ridiculous outift with multiple personalities (the outfit, not me) and went op shopping and had a nap. Big day!! Sarah xxx