Monday, October 18

AZ. part one.

brandon and i went to arizona over the weekend.
we thought it would be fun to visit his brother and sister and their families.
we flew out thursday, right after work.
first, arizona is still ridiculously hot.
but for some strange reason i only packed pants.

second, brandon's family is pretty funny when they all get together.
so it was nice to see the siblings we don't get to see very often.

we took care of business right away and did some very necessary shopping.
we all went to dinner at this great little thai place.
we had a big dinner at nick & mar's.
we laughed at youtube videos.
we watched WAY to many jersey shore re-runs.
dre made us all breakfast sunday morning.
we went to a couple of bars by ASU.
we had a mini backyard camp fire.
and we had a lot of fun.

it was nice to get away for the weekend.

there was a domestic dispute...
brandon, scott and i were sitting out on the patio saturday morning...
just talking.
brandon grabbed the hose and pointed it at me, as if he were about to spray me in the face.
i said, "brandon, if you spray me in the face i will never practice making babies with you ever again."
...yet he still pulled the trigger.
the hose was off, but not all the water had been released...
so, yes, he sprayed me right in the face.

i stood up, walked up stairs and locked myself in the guest bedroom.
for a while i refused to communicate with brandon...
even though he stood outside the door begging me to come out.
then i found a paper and pen and decided to write up a contract.
i wanted to be compensated for my embarrassment, pain and suffering.

so i wrote this one up and passed it to him under the door.

as you can see,
he signed it.
then passed it back to me, under the door.

brandon claims that he signed it, "brando bennett". no "n".
but i looks like an "n" on the end,
don't you think??

the best part is
our brother-in-law, nick, is a lawyer
and assured me that this would hold up in court.


weston'smommy said...

Ah ha ha I love it. Not you getting sprayed but your compensation that is great.

des said...

too funny. i will be trying this move on colby someday in the near future im sure...

Tiffany said...

I think this is my favorite blog story ever.

Caroline said...

This is one of the best things I have ever seen Ever.

... I could have totally used this yesterday! Ah well, I'm sure it'll be just as useful in the future :)