Friday, November 26

my christmas wish list.

because it's black friday,
i feel like it's a good time to let you all know what's on my
christmas list.

 1. any of these 4 wes anderson movies
{because these are my 4 favorite movies & i don't even own them}

2. a sock monkey
{because i'm mildly obsessed

 3. this cardigan from anthropologie
{because i need another caridgan, regardless of what my husband thinks}

4. this scarf from anthropologie
{because it's amazing}

5. this reminder ring from anthropologie
{because i'm forgetful}

6. this coat from urban outfitters
{because i need a new coat}

7. ballet lessons
{because it's been years since i've danced and i miss it}

 8. a new 160gb iPod classic - white or silver please
{because i like the classics & mine is dying}

9. this amazing denon dp-200usb record player with recording capability
{because i've wanted a record player FOREVER & this one's amazing}

10. a digital slr
{because because because}

what's on your list?


sarah nicole said...

That cardigan is so cute and so you. You need it. said...

now that you mention it, all of these things are on my list. i did ballet for 11 years, and there is nothing i would love more than ballet lessons as a christmas present. it's genius.

and i LOVE that cardigan and ring. adorable!

Sera Pie said...

I've been lusting after the forgetful ring on Fred Flare forever!!

New follower :)

vintch said... that SCARF needs to be in my closet right now. so, so pretty and unique! i'd take ANY of those items on your FABULOUS wish list:)

Patty said...

Hello there. Love your blog ever so much. And I also love your wish list:) Its perfect!

Falling Down The Rabbit Hole said...

I basically love that scarf, I'm going to stare at it for a little while, then inform my mother that if it's not in my stocking, I'm leaving. Too far? Probably..

Kimbirdy said...

i LOVE your list! i'm a huge wes anderson fan {we even used some of the david bowie covers from steve zissou in our wedding} and those clothes are so cute! i also just found mini sock monkey christmas tree ornaments at crate and barrel. how fun is that?! i hope you get your list!

Caroline said...

I love all three of your Anthropolie finds! Man oh man I love that store. I've tried to break up with it several times - my income doesn't really justify spending $198 on a blouse, but the heart [and closet] wants what the heart wants!