Wednesday, February 15

half way

this is me + my love on halloween.
[little did i know that i was actually a pregnant black cat at the time]
i found this picture last night + i love it.
today i'm half way.
i'm 20 weeks along.
and it all seems so surreal.
noah is 10 inches long from head to toe and just over 10 ounces.
i can feel little flutters of him through out the day.
he can hear my voice.
and i wonder everyday what he looks like...

i wonder what kind of person he's going to be.
i wonder what his favorite color will be.
what he'll like to do.
where he'll go in life.

it's so strange to look at myself in the mirror...
and to think that he's growing inside me.
he's apart of me.

right now, i can protect him.
i'm afraid for his arrival + the fact that the world can snatch him up from me at any given time.
that he can be misguided.

it's all such an unfamiliar feeling.
with so many unfamiliar emotions to try to wrap my head around.
it's a strange place to be.
you never really imagine this part of pregnancy...
or this part of your life.
it's hard to fathom until you're in the thick it.

and as strange/hard/unfamiliar/scary as bringing a life into this world is...
i wouldn't change a thing.

i've said it before + i'll say it again --
i couldn't be any happier.



Kira said...

Doesn't it feel like the whole pregnancy goes by so fast! Those 9 months were probably the shortest months of my life! said...

I love it that you are already wondering of his personality..:-) You are going to be a wonderful mom!

Caroline said...

Biggest hugs to you :) Noah is such a lucky guy to have two parents as loving and sweet as you and your husband. So excited and happy for you.

Sara Bell said...

Such beautiful thoughts. I feel like I would be pondering all the same things... what he'll want to be, who he'll look like more, what his laugh will sound like... so happy for you!