Thursday, November 3

i just do both

i always become extremely emotional + nostalgic
this time each year.

for a long, long time fall was cursed for me.
every year, without fail, something horribly bad would happen...
always unanticipated, unplanned.

always heartbreaking.

it kind of became a joke between my mom + i.
"i wonder what's going to happen this fall?"
we'd ask each other.


but, things have turned around the last few years...
starting with the fall my brother took the photo above
of my cousin and i.

that's the fall i decided things were going to be different for me.
that's the fall i started to just let things go.
that's the fall that i began my search for who i really was.
that's the fall that changed my life...

and i didn't realize it then, 
but i'd never be the same.


when i see the leaves on the ground,
i don't know whether to cry or smile.

so sometimes,
i just do both.


Caitlin said...

Beautiful sentiment, love. I'm glad that your autumns have been uplifting and happy the last few years. I wish you all the best. <3

Poppa Dan said...

I love you. That's all.

Kendra said...

i feel all four seasons hold a different emotion, a special story. it's so interesting to me.

Mary Nevin said...

what an inspiring perspective, i love it. spring used to be cursed for me, i think it was 5 years running, good thing about seasons though is that they change :) sending love and light your way

sarah nicole said...

Um, LOVE x 10.

Emma Frances said...

This is so sweet. I love it. And that picture is just amazing!

Stephanie said...

This is beautiful! I hope you are enjoying this beautiful season! : )

Danielle Ruckus said...

This is so beautifully written. Here's to a lovely Fall to you.