Monday, October 3

love is // forever newlywed

i'm linking up with alana today.

brandon is out of town, on business...
for a whole week.

i've been thinking back to when i was single.
living on my own, enjoy my independence.
never checking in.
doing whatever i wanted, when i wanted.
i loved it.
i loved going to movies + dinner alone.
i loved wandering around the city looking for new places i'd never been before.
i loved sprawling out on my bed + only sharing it with little penelope.
i loved spending my money as i saw fit.
i loved having parties at my place just because.
i loved meeting new people.
i loved my ever evolving self.
...and i NEVER wanted to get married.
(not after the heart breaks i'd been through)
and i especially never wanted children.

but there he was.


and i did everything in my power not to fall for him.
i told myself over + over again --
"the timing isn't right"
"i just want to be friends"
"i don't think this going anywhere"

he moved in, just as a roommate, of course...
...a roommate whose room i slept in every night.

it was 3 years ago today that we were moving our things in to our first place.
it's crazy how time flies.

now we've been married 2 years.
and i can't imagine the rest of my life without him.

he's helped me in ways the no one will ever understand.
with him i've learned how to be happy, on my own...
that may seem strange, but i've never had that for myself before.
i've learned to balance responsibility and fun.
i've learned that sometimes you just need to let things go.
i've learned that you really can love someone more and more everyday...
which i never thought was possible.
i've learned patience with goals + life.

with him, everything is much more clear.
decisions are much easier to make.
everything i do is for him.
for us.
because i want to.
 and i like it.
 because when i come home at the end of a 12 hour work day,
he's waiting for me.
and we lie down on our bed, hold eachothers hands + talk about life.

we talk about what we want to do on our date night.
we talk about how many kids we want to have + what their names will be.
we talk about how funny penelope is + why we love her.
we talk about how brandon will be president + i will be the first lady.
we talk about our dream home + all the pretty things inside it.
we talk about trips to rome + paris.
we talk about why we love each other.
and he makes me smile.

today is one of those 12 hour work days.
but today i'll go home to an empty house and a lonely kitty.
i love him.
i miss him.

he makes my world a better place.


Alana said...

Such a sweet post! Isn't it amazing how love changes us? I'm a completely different person since I met Mike, and it's only been a year and a half!

Thanks for linking up!

Melanie said...

This is so cute and adorable! I know just how you feel! It's amazing how someone can march into our hearts and rearrange everything we ever thought we wanted! Wishes for a quick week for you. <3

charla beth said...

i so enjoyed reading this post. love changes us in the best of ways.

i hope this week flies by for you two!

Tracy said...

Wonderful post! I miss my single life sometimes too, but this made me remember how much better marriage is! Thanks!

Ashlee said...

love this post =)

Poppa Dan said...

I love Brandon almost as much as you. You are lucky and blessed. I'm glad you know how much. Maybe my little heart aches will go away and I'll feel as lucky as you too. I hope so.


what a sweet post! so funny how you described yourself when single, i could've sworn you were talking about me, especially the no children part!! LoL

Stephanie said...

This is so SO sweet. I hope your hubby comes home soon, but enjoy your quiet time as well! : )

Ruthy said...

This post reminds me of what my husband and I went through. Like you I did not want to marry or have kids and I have now been married for 6 years and I have my wonderful daughter and pets. We are a complete family and I don't regret anything. If I could do it all over again I would not change a thing. I loved this post because it reminded me of myself when I was single and living alone.

Reccewife said...

awe, this is adorable :)

Mary Nevin said...

this is the perfect post for me today, thank you for your beautiful words, this is absolutely one of the best posts i've encountered in blog world. thank you so much for showing us all what a gift it is to have a partner in life :)

Emma Frances said...

This is so sweet! :] And it makes me so grateful for my wonderful husband!!

Caitlin said...

What a sweet post! Love is never convenient but it wouldn't be love if it was :) I hope the time goes by quickly. I'm away from my husband for a month soon, not going to be easy :(

i'm leslie said...

Love love love. Your husband is one lucky man (and I bet he knows it)!

Siddy said...

That is such a beautiful honest post... love it :) Wishing you a life full of love and togetherness. My Ali's out of town for a week too :(( life seems incomplete lol but blogging takes a turn for the better hehe I suddenly have so much time I don't know what to do!

Cyn said...

Thank you for sharing this. It is an inspiration. Congratulations on the anniversary and I hope he'll be home soon! :)

ashleyTIA said...

Such a sweet post. He has the prettiest eye color - you two make a very attractive couple! :)

It seems pretty obvious. said...

I had to comment on this post too! It's so sweet. I know how it feels! My fiance is on a business trip for 2 whole weeks and I miss him a lot!!

Courtney B said...
This is the sweetest post I've ever read! I am SO happy that you two are so in love! You sound perfect for each other :)