Wednesday, October 26


i've slowly been pulling the house together + putting up my harvest decor.

being sick
working crazy amounts of overtime
taking photos for people
working on some blog designs
decorating my house has kinda been on the bottom of my list.
[which also explains my online absence... in case you were wondering]

this year i decided to shoot for harvest decor rather than halloween decor...
this way i can keep it up until thanksgiving.
[i'm just going to say yes + go with it]

i also painted our front door black.
which i'm pretty happy about.

i'm almost done with everything...
which means i'll be posting more pictures later this week.
i know, you're sooo excited.
i love this time of year.


Stephanie said...

Looks beautiful! I love fall!

Annie said...

i love your pictures! your decorations are gorgeous.

communikate. said...

pretty! man. i love this time of year!!

Annika said...

Your photos never fail to blow me away. Looking forward to the rest!

Niina - It seems pretty obvious. said...

Looks lovely! So yes I'm excited to see the rest of jour decorations!


vintch said...

lovely! just from these pictures i can tell your home is warm and inviting:) feel better!

Ashlee said...

haha! i have this exact post scheduled for tomorrow lol. i barely got my fall decorations up too and have done them in replacement of halloween since i can leave them up longer! annnnd i want to paint my door black too! =) glad to see a post from you!

Kelsi said...

Fall decor is way better than Halloween decor anyway!

P.S. Your blog is so pretty!

Madeline said...

I've been sick too. Talk about major damper on the holidays.

And black front door? So versatile and wonderful!

Ashley said...


hannah singer said...

hooray for fall!
this is all pure lovely.
including the black door!