Tuesday, October 25

carving the mountain

i kinda loved this.
i don't really like long boards + personally prefer a skateboard.
but, they get pretty gnarly at the end with their slides.


Little Lo Hood said...

this is one of the most epic videos I've seen! thanks so much for sharing! :) -Lo

Halina said...

it looks so very liberating! Thanks so much for sharing.

Just found your amazing blog :D

kimbirdy said...

woohoo! that's so awesome. my stepmom is a long boarder. she taught me to skateboard back in high school, but i was never very good at it. walking is challenging enough as it is. :)

Delahunty Family said...

I watched this with cassidy this morning and since then she keeps asking to watch it again. She calls it "bikes" and we have watched it a few times today!