Monday, July 11

so, our kitty likes to suck her thumb...

penelope is our kitty.
she was abandon as a kitten & i bottle fed her for the first 4 months of her life.
once i was able to ween her from her bottle she started to suck her thumb...

she's now 5 years old...
& she still sucks her thumb.
when i tell people about her thumb sucking, i get the weirdest looks.
i'm pretty sure nobody believes me.

but, here it is.
penelope sucking her thumb.

another thing you may notice is how much she loves to rub
against brandon's scruff.
i guess that's why she likes him more.

what funny things do your pets do?



Ruthy said...

Penelope is so cute! It is awesome that she sucks her thumb. My pug does a lot of funny random things like she barks at her own reflection. She does not like being alone. There are so many things Lucy does I cannot even list them all.

Anna said...

Oh my gosh I just love kitties. Our cat likes to nuzzle Mike's face too. I never thought about the scruff being the appealing part. Our cat also plays fetch. People never believe us when we tell them that.

Caroline said...

Gyaah! She is just the sweetest little thing! I always forget how much I love cats until I'm near one or see something like this :) Totally made my morning.
If someone isn't careful - or if I keep making kitty sightings as cute as this - Devon might just be getting a surprise kitten for his birthday this week!

elisabeth said...

haha! do it caroline!!!

kira said...

Aww what a cutie! It's so sweet when she rubs her little face against his.

chrissy said...

what a lady! she is so gentle.
i also used to get the strangest looks when i would tell people that my cat, loki, could say her own name {lo-lo} and "hello". but one day my friend was helping me move some furniture and loki came into the room, greeted him with "hello!" and from then on i had someone to back me up that it was truth.