Wednesday, July 27

i melt.

i HAD to post this.
my friend, sarah, posted it on fb.

it's only 30 seconds long.
so watch.

it makes me melt.
it makes me want to run to the shelter and adopt all the kitties.

...pretty sure my husband wouldn't be too happy...
and neither would penelope.

a girl can dream,



sarah nicole said...

It made me get teary!



kristin e bazan. said...

i LOOOOOVE this commercial. so so sweet. i wish having lots of cats was easier and more affordable. but having 2 already is tough. :/ can i just be the crazy cat lady w/o all the stigma?

mary said...

Oh no, I also melted...I'm a puddle in fact...made my husband watch it too! Ahh! How many kitties can one adopt?! xox!

Caitlin said...

Animal commercials always make me weepy!

Carly said...

:( So sad! I'm not sure if I'm super grateful because it was very touching or super mad at you for making me so sad!!!! ...Kidding.

Wish I could help. So many lil things out there need help.


P.S. So today, you posted about saving critters' lives... and I posted about killing them. It was a bug infestation so I'm not entirely cruel... :-/

Alana said...

Ok, I'm the first to say I'm eh about pets (although we had a ton growing up. I think it's a germ thing). But this was adorable! And very unfortunate for me, since hubby is trying to persuade me to get a kitten. :/

Mrs. Biscuit said...

Such cute kitties! Everytime we go to the pet store I find more kitties that I feel compelled to bring home and love and snuggle... Unfortunately with the three kitties we already have, convincing my husband that we need more kitties is quite an impossible task!

I'm going to keep trying, one day he'll cave!