Thursday, July 28

for a little DIY inspiration.

here are a few great DIY's
to try your hand at!

a-frame tent
for DIY details visit: cakies


honeycomb smocking
for DIY details visit: tumbling blocks


junk mail clock
for DIY details visit: apartment therapy


lavender body scrub
for DIY details visit: the veda house

let me know which ones you try!
i'm thinking that honeycomb smocking is on the top of my list.
happy DIY-ing!



Carly said...

oooOOO! I *love* the junk mail clock!!!!

Seriously dying to try that, now! Thanks so much for sharing! I'll let you know if I manage to make it and post about it!


Stephanie said...

I'm totally making the tent for my daughter! How awesome!

Andrea Neudorf said...

I Would love to try the A-frame tent! If you do try the smocking let us know how it goes I would love to see!

Karissa said...

I'm definitely trying the body scrub soon :) Thanks for sharing!

Caroline said...

I was -this- close to picking up a bottle of lavender essential oil at Sunflower Market the other day! I've been dying to make my own scrubs - I burn right through the $20 one I've grown so used to. Thanks for the links!

Julip Made said...

Ohhh awesome ideas Elizabeth! That tent makes me want kids to build forts with... but really who said you need kids to build forts.

Anita said...

I love the honeycomb smocking! Thanks for sharing, that is a must do.
xo, Anita