Thursday, February 24

near and dear to my heart.

my mom was cleaning one of her closets out a few weeks ago
and came across a couple of things that belong to me...
from way back when.

my dad gave me this book for my very first christmas.

it's a little worn,
but i've always loved it.

the mouse house 123
by: helen craig


some amazing beatrix potter wedgewood nusery ware.

i got this on my second birthday from some family friends.
the peter rabbit birthday plate.

i'm mildly {ok, REALLY} obsessed with both.
to the point that i did some major internet digging
{we're talking 6+ hours}
and was able to find an original
1980 mouse house 123 book, in NEW condition...
of course i bought it.

i also remember watching the the peter rabbit cartoons growing up.
beatrix potter stuff is a whole lot easier to track down than that helen craig book...

but i'll be buying the peter rabbit cartoons eventually.
i loved them too much not to have them.

i'm a collector.
of all things holding sentiment.
i always will be.


Daniel said...

I can't remember exactly where we found the Helen Craig book, but I remember clearly writing in it and making sure you got it for Christmas that year. It's always been one of my most favorite things as well.

Do you remember the little painted wooden animals on wheels? I hand painted all of them and wanted you to have them as keepsakes. Do you know anything about them?

Lovely, lovely memories. Thanks for bringing them back to me.


Mighty Burns said...

I think thats awesome. I am the same way.. more so with my mothers things, and my grandparents things too.. but with my childhood goodies as well :)
I am still sad I gave my cousin my giant collection of Bernstien bears books becuase then then gave them to goodwill :( lol

Liesl @ FabulousFashions4SensibleStyle said...

I had Beatrix Pottor china, figurines and books growing up and still have them...wonderful memories! Lovely blog too!

Liesl :)

ms. elisabeth said...

i love the bernstien bears! that would be so awesome if you still had them!

thanks liesl!

Ashley said...

OH Wow! What a super lovely post! I love all things sentimental, too. Now that i have a baby, even more so! I searched through my parents' house for my old favorite's called Giddiyapi and it's about a horse. I found and it is so tattered!

I love your cute BLOG! Happy Weekend!

AE Jones said...

Oh gosh, I love Beatrix Potter! I totally still have all my Beatrix Potter books and ceramic figurines from when I was little. Can't give them up!! LOVE your blog!