Friday, February 25

friday favs.

while browsing the christmas clearance at american eagle
i found a pair of moccasins i fell in love with.
i've been looking for about a year for a pair that made me melt...
and these ones did the trick.
they may not seem or look like anything special,
but i LOVE them.

i only paid $10.

you really can't beat a love story like that.


Mighty Burns said...

I love when the things I love are affordable.. it makes me love them even more.. its a lovefest really :)

ms. elisabeth said...

i couldn't agree more!

Kimbirdy said...

oh i've been looking for a pair of moccasin slippers! these look perfect, and for $10? definitely a steal!

AE Jones said...

Darling... and $10?! Love it!! Happy Friday!