Friday, February 4

friday favs.

i decided i wanted to do a new weekly post about some of my favorite things.
i'll just post about one item every friday.

this week, one of my favorite things happens to be my shampoo & conditioner.
i use nioxin.

you may be thinking to yourself...
"isn't that crap for bald{ing} people...?"

it is.
anyone can use it.
this stuff promotes a healthy scalp,
which in turn produces a healthy head of hair.

i use it everyday.
and love it.

it's moderately priced.
and worth every penny.

have you tried it before?
what do you think?


Becca said...

where do you buy this stuff??

Kathleen said...

i used it after pregnancy when my hair was falling out in CLUMPS. Nice and tingly on the scalp :] you can get it on amazon for a good price

ms. elisabeth said...

you can usually buy it at hair supply stores, but kathleen is right. you can get it on amazon :)