Wednesday, August 15


my entire pregnancy i tried to keep a realistic outlook:
i know i'll be sleep deprived.
i know this will cost us a ton of money the rest of our lives.
i know i won't be able to go out with friends like we used to.
i know he'll cry for no reason at all + there's nothing i can do about it.
i know it will change my life.

you prepare
make decisions
for nine months hoping to make the transition easier...
and then you're lying in a hospital + the nurse says,
"ok, the doctor will be here in 15 minutes."
and it hits you.
the reality of it all hits you.

i'm about to bring a life into the world and i literally have no clue.
and every word i've read in preparation completely flees.
then the doctor walks in the room.

i blink.
and there he is.

i don't remember much else.
all i know is i held him.
so close.

the next few days are a blur.
doctors walking in and out.
nurses checking in.
visitors coming and going.

and then,
they send you home.

they send you home with the smallest,
most fragile human life you've ever seen.
and as you drive home you think to yourself,
"i'm terrified + all i want to do is show him i love him. why am i so terrified?"

for weeks you don't sleep.
for weeks you change diapers, sometimes without even realizing it.
for weeks you're covered in spit up + poop and a shower + makeup are novelities.
for weeks you hear his cries for you in the night, when you're most exhausted.

then one day,
he looks at you + smiles.
he knows it's you.
and you realize,
he loves you.

a n d    n o t h i n g    e l s e    m a t t e r s .

because the most important part in all this --
making sure he knows you love him too,
no matter what.
completely, unconditionally.

and i do.


Jessica said...

I am so in love with this. Every single bit of it.

Hollie said...

Isn't being a parent the sweetest, scariest, most amazing thing you've ever been part of?

I love that picture. :]

Ashlee said...

pefect post. LOVE it. he is so sweet

Meredith said...

You go girl, you've figured out your most important parenting job. Loving him completely, unconditionally, EVERY DAY. You're awesome....such a beautiful little family. Love you all.

Shannon said...

Totally cried. And I totally agree.

Rachel said...

this is precious. i needed to read this today...preparing to be a mother, i have so many "expectations" and so many fears.

this gave me hope. i breathed a little after reading this.

thank you, bless you. <3

Tiffany ♥ said...

Unconditional love is the most important gift you can give your child (in my opinion). You never know how much you can love someone in that way until you become a mother. Being a parent is scary, and unpredictable and always will be, but with unconditional love it makes it easier and worth it!!!

kat @ withachanceof said...

This is so beautiful and so true. You made me tear up a little and miss when my girls were just little babies. Hold him tight! It goes by so fast.

eliz said...

Beautiful....and touching...I can't wait to feel that :-)

Anonymous said...

Hiya Elisabeth,
I'm coming back to bloggy land after a long break. Was taking some time off to be Mommy to my now 10 month old :) Your post is so beautiful and honest. I know exactly what you mean. Very well said. Love and Luck for the life ahead.