Wednesday, May 16

thirty-three + a half

i have 46 days to go.

with one baby shower down,
thanks to sarah.
[diaper cake made by: canela + asha]

i feel like we're not even close to ready.
like it all kind of snuck up on us.

his kicks are stronger and stronger...
reminding me everyday all day that he's coming,

when he stretches out i can hardly breathe,
there's not enough room in there for my growing guy.

we play this game where i try to feel his arm or leg,
but he moves it before i can figure out which it is exactly.
he's just so fast.

as of this last friday my doctor informed me that he's already
a whopping 5 pounds.
i'd be lying if i said i wasn't terrified of having a 10 pound baby boy.

well, as long as he's happy + healthy i don' really care how much he weighs.

some days i wake up thinking:
our life together is about to change in ways we'll never
fully comprehend and never fully be prepared for.

the rest of the days i wake up thinking:
i really wouldn't want this any other way.

i love you, noah.
i can't wait to meet you.


Ruthy said...

It is so great to see a post!! I remember being at that stage of my pregnancy and my little girl is not longer little anymore. She is 6 years old and I just don't know where time has gone. Before I know it she will be a teenager.

Seeing him for the first time will be an amazing experience. There is nothing like it and I have no words to describe the feeling.

Sandra_Stillestund said...

you look beautiful! it's very exiting :-)

Mateya said...

So sweet! Not much longer left :)

Holly said...

Ah I am sooooo stinkin excited for you liz!!

bridget anne said...

congratulations! this is my first time coming across your blog, but gosh, it's so darling. you are the cutest. xo.

julie hurd said...

Oh yay, hopefully any day now your life with change for the better and your capacity to love will grow exponentially!

eliz. said...

Time is going by quick! Congrats! THat is one big diaper cake! Cute picture!