Thursday, April 5

twenty eight

this sunday i'm twenty eight weeks, starting my third trimester.
the end is near...

and we're not even close to ready.

the nursery is empty.
the walls are bare.
the crib still sitting in its box.
a few outfits bought.
no peditrician lined up.
no birthing classes on our calendar.

i guess it's crunch time.

my appointments are now every two weeks, moving to once a week my last month.
and because i have an ultrasound every visit
i get to see noah in 3D a lot...
and i love it.

he's covering half his face with his hand,
but you can make out his little face pretty well.
and of course, i think he's adorable.

things i'm loving:
how much i feel him move around... all day, every day.
watching my belly move around as he kicks + flips all over the place.
knowing he can hear my voice... and his dad's voice.
watching him move around in response to brandon talking to him.
my big round belly.
the idea that i have my little buddy with me where ever i go.
giving him hugs... yes, i give him hugs.
playing drums on my stomach when he's kicking around.
singing in the car to him when i'm driving home from work.
watching my belly button disappear.

things i'm not loving:
when he kicks the living hell out of my ribs.
trying to roll out of bed in the morning.
waking up hungry.
putting on a shirt only to realize it doesn't fit anymore...
even though it fit 3 days ago.

i'm getting anxious about meeting noah.
really really really anxious.
i'm dying to hold him.
see him.
love him.

on a slightly unrelated note:
i know i haven't posted in a while...
and when i have been posting it's all about being pregnant.
i've thought about being done with blogging...
but have decided that i'm just going to be shifting gears over the next couple of months.
so stay tuned as i begin the transition.


Caitlin said...

Aww he's looking so adorable! So happy for you. And I really hope you don't give up blogging!

Stephanie said...

How exciting...I remember the closer I got to my due date, the more the thoughts of the baby took over my mind. What she would look like, how big she'd be, her hair color, what we'd name her...It was so exciting and scary and amazing. And it only gets better.

And if you decide to continue blogging (it sounds like you will be) just remember that your blog is about you, and those of us who follow along will enjoy reading about whatever you post, even if you can't post very often. : )

Tamara said...

i'm sure everything will fall into its place.

Liz Brown said...

I love it. I love that the most important thing to you is just to finally SEE him and touch him. I think thats how it should be.

His nursery will be OK ... even if it isn't picture perfect. HE is the important thing. :D

Sara Bell said...

Oh goodness, these kinds of sonograms (?) are always so crazy to me. My grandmother is SHOCKED by them because she remembers when ultrasounds were the crazy new thing.