Tuesday, January 3

boy or girl?

it's the end of my first trimester!

and this thursday we'll be finding out the gender of our little one!
i'm so so so anxious!

i wanted to take a little poll to see what people think...
boy or girl?

to help with your voting,
here are some details about my first trimester:

-i had morning sickness [more like all day & night sickness] from 6 weeks to 10 1/2 weeks
-i love fresh fruit + veggies. anything peach flavored is also a plus!
-i can't handle anything minty or mint flavored and broccoli tastes so bitter!
-meat is still hard for me to eat, especially chicken
-chinese food is now my enemy
-the only thing i can handle drinking is water. soda, tea + juice just don't sit well
-i haven't gained any weight.... yet
-it's hard to tell if i'm carrying the baby higher or lower - i'm not really showing enough to tell... yet
-our doctor never told us whether the baby's heart beat was fast or slow

so what do you think!?

boy or girl?


Ruthy said...

When I was pregnant chinese food and meat were my enemy. I also did not gain any weight until I was halfway through my second trimester. I gained a total of 20 lbs throughout the whole pregnancy and my doctor said it was normal to not gain much during the first trimester since the baby is very tiny during that time. I had a girl so with all those symptoms being similar to mine I am going to guess you are having a baby girl.


Tabitha Lynn said...


Congrats on the baby to be, hopefully you are no longer having morning sickness.

Excited to see what you're having.



Caitlin said...

Oh my goodness, you're so tiny! I had to squint to see your baby bump! hehe kidding, you're adorable, and I voted boy. :)

Heather said...

Congrats! :D I find out on the 19th what we are having. It's so exciting, isn't it??? :)I voted boy btw!

Stephanie said...

I can't wait to hear what it is! : ) Such an exciting day!

Jessica Renee said...

So exciting! :) I say girl because you're having symptoms similar to mine! I've been OBSESSED with fruit, my love for chinese food definitely died and it took me a while to start eating meat again.. I can't wait to hear what you're having!! :)

Kira said...

I couldn't get enough fresh fruit when I was pregnant too. I voted boy just because I had a girl and I was showing way more by the end of the first trimester than you. That's the only thing I based it on. Shot in the dark, really.

el.vi. said...

Congrats!! So exciting...your little tummy looks so cute! I bet you will be taking tons of pictures to record how much you grow (I always love seeing those pictures on pinterest).