Friday, January 20

12, 14 + 16

our little guy is growing + making himself
more + more visible!

i'm currently 16 1/2 weeks
[4 months]

pregnancy update:

- i can eat almost everything now, with the exception of chinese

- i'm sleeping through the night a lot better + don't usually wake up at all

- i don't have to snack through out the entire day + can do 3 regular meals

- i have a ton more energy which makes my 10-12 hour work days a whole lot easier

- i still haven't gained any weight,
but the doctor said at my last appointment
that noah was measuring just right and
looked like a happy, healthy little guy!

- i still haven't felt noah kick or move around + probably won't for another month

- my back has already started to hurt...
which kinda worries me knowing i'm only going to be getting bigger

watching + feeling my body change so rapidly is such a bizarre feeling.
even though my bump is growing, it still doesn't feel real...
especially now that i'm feeling like myself again + not some hot, morning sick mess.

one thing i have LOVED about being pregnant
there are so many cute ideas for little boys!

what cute ideas have you seen for little boy nurseys lately?


AmyC ~ said...


I think it's great you already have a name for the lil guy. Hubs waited til I was 8.5mths to agree to our youngest name.

The boys have a CARS theme room.

Jennifer @ Jen Loves Scott said...

I'm 26 weeks with a little boy, too! It's the best! I love pinning little boy stuff (and get offended when everyone says little girls are the best to buy for). I'm looking forward to not having a bow the size of a grapefruit on my baby's head. :) I'm glad you're feeling well!

Katie said...

aside from the fact your little boy is getting bigger and bigger; your outfits are also amazingly gorgeous. the last is my favorite. <3 glad you're feeling better! I'm sure it IS weird to watch yourself change so quickly. Can't wait to meet him. (:

Liz Brown said...

You really are popping out there! :) So fun to see.

I've not run across many boy theme nursery ideas lately ... I do like the idea of striped walls though. They could be done in grown up enough colors that they wouldnt need redone 2 years down the road. :)

communikate. said...

You are darling pregnant! So tiny! So, you must have found out really early what the sex of the baby was right? Isn't it usually around 19 weeks or so?

Jackie said...

Congratulations! I hadn't heard the good news! I'm so very very excited for you! Babies are just the very best in the world. Love to you guys!

Jennifer said...

You look great! Being pregnant definitely has been such an experience for me. I am 27 weeks right now and the whole getting bigger and not being use to being so large is hard to take in but I know it's because I have a little girl in there. I cannot wait to see her in the flesh!

Katrina said...

how exciting!!

xo katrina said...

:-) you are adorable...and I looove the name!!! :-)

Poppa Dan said...

I looked at all the stuff you marked on pinterest. Some very cool things. Love it! Wow! I used to look through all kinds of kids things in magazines and stores that I liked and showed your mom all of them. It was a very fun time. Like the time we found those little wooden animals on wheels and I painted them all such crazy things. I wanted them to be different. That was a favorite project for me, way back when. I hope you and Michael can have them, if you don't already.

Your body is changing so fast! Just wanted you to know that I love you. I hope things are going well with all the big stuff going on. You know where I am if you need anything. Looking forward to seeing it all when it comes together.


Annika said...

Little Noah really made sure people could see he was there after week 14! Glad to hear you are feeling so good!

Sara Bell said...

Aw, look at that belly! And I love that you already have a name!
My cousin always does the cutest nursery themes. Her second baby had an underwater theme and I LOVED it! The colors were gorgeous.

xoxo, dania said...

oh my gosh congratulations on your pregnancy! im really glad i came across your blog and id love to swap buttons with you if you're interested!

let me know!

Maggi said...

I love this idea for a little boy's cars: