Friday, November 18

a few of my favorite things

our home is kind of always a work in progress.
i'm always rearranging.
always finding something to paint.
always working on a project.
brandon hates it.

here are just a few of my favorite things in our home right now.

our [thrifted] rod iron coffee table

our handmade [by my great grandpa] red velvet chaise lounge

my original print and handmade frame
by my amazing friend josh joye

our shaggy, super soft living room rug

my record clock from brandon for my 25th birthday
what are some of your favorite things in your home?


Hollie said...

that chaise looks so comfortable!

Caitlin said...

I love the chaise and the coffee table!

Stephanie said...

That coffee table looks amazing!

Niina - It seems pretty obvious. said...

I guess a home's always a work in progress! I love that lounge! Lovely color!


kira said...

That coffee table is really fun!

Emma Frances said...

I want a whole house tour! Everything you showed is gorgeous! I LOVE your red chaise lounge! I can't believe your grandpa made it! That's awesome!

Tawnie. said...

I love that chaise lounge! How cool is that that your great grandpa made it! Makes is SO much cooler.

We moved over the summer so most of our stuff is still packed away. This inspires me to get with it, and put it all out again!

Halina said...

Lovely inspiration!

My favorite things at home are the little orange chain lights that are hanging over my bed. They make the room feel cozy and inviting, especially through the winter.

Erica said...

great photos! love that red couch


Sara Bell said...

These are all so lovely! I am a teensy bit jealous of your chaise lounge too. =]

Poppa Dan said...

I miss the Chaise. Grandma Ivy told Grandpa Lyman, since she was barely five feet tall about the weight of a hummingbird feather, that she wanted a "fainting couch" with a low, sloping arm and two nice pillows so that in the afternoons after working hard, and fight her asthma all day, she could rest and take a nap. So my dad (your grandpa Ted) helped Grandpa Lyman make it. Orignally it was brown herculon (I think). The red velvet happened in the 70's and Grandpa Lyman cussed that he had to reupholster it, and decided to put on the every indestructable red velvet. And I think he was right. I don't think that fabric will EVER wear out.

But I'm so glad you have it, Liz. It was one of my treasures, and even though I miss it, I'm so happy it has a safe, good home with you.

You and your mom are a lot alike. Sometimes it was a adventure to find the latest location of a fork. Tell Bran he can cry on my shoulder, and I'll nod knowingly how complicated his living space is. LOL

Love you. You remind me how important it is to be creative. Thank you, beloved Lizzy for all the joy you bring to me. Smooches and hugs.


Kim said...

i love your shaggy rug, i'm pretty sure i need one!

my home is forever changing too, and i love having a mantle that allows constant change without people thinking i'm crazy.