Sunday, October 30

love that much harder

sometimes [or most of the time] you get caught up in life
and all it's expectations [but really, they're just your expectations]
and where you want to go
and who you want to be
and what it takes to get from point a to b.
and you think...
life is just so hard and unfair.

then you read something like this,

and none of it matters anymore.
and you think to yourself...
i just want to love the people in my life that much harder.

and you do.


Sarah said...

This is so sweet and precious! It makes me want to go wake my baby and give her a love =)

- Sarah

hannah singer said...

yes. i have not stopped thinking of this family since i read her powerful words.
humbled. grateful.


Emma Frances said...

Wow. Thank you for sharing this. What an incredible story and woman.