Monday, October 10


my husband + i like to go on drives.

we always have, we always will.
especially in the fall.
when the leaves are changing + the air is crisp.

we usually head up the canyon to our favorite little diner
for some sunday brunch.
after we've had our biscuits + gravy we head further up the road.

yesterdays drive looked like this:
free gif maker
and sounded like this:


Xochiltyay said...

thats so lovely!

Siddy said...

i *LOVE* your gifs!! I love how you approach photography in general! kudos!

It seems pretty obvious. said...

What an original and lovely post :) sounds (and looks) like a wonderful way to spend your sunday!

Tracy said...

Sounds wonderful! I wish I could watch the leaves change in Florida! said...

Ohhhh very nice...I live by the forest so I always love to drive & Bike around there just to feel the beautiful fall breeze & check out the amazing colors!

Emma Frances said...

Gorgeous. Makes me want to go on a drive with my husband. :] Find somewhere where all the trees are changing colors!