Monday, September 26

day twentyfive: sun flare.

a special thank you to my ever so sweet husband
for being my model, yet again.
and brandon --
if you weren't so cute & living in the same house as me,
i wouldn't pick on you so much...
maybe you can work on training the cat to obey orders and sit still for more than five seconds.
30 day photo challenge


Emma Frances said...

I love this picture. :] And my husband has to be my model for pictures. {Not that I take legit photos. Haha.} We don't even have an animal that I potentially could use!

Amanda said...

Stunning. And amazing! Great job to your hubby too :)

Katherine Elizabeth Dominguez said...

Brilliant! I've never been able to capture light that way. Such a great shot!


a girl with a smile said...

loving this shot!

Laura Darling said...

This is such a neat picture!!