Friday, September 30

day thirty: in motion


Sarah said...

Oooh this one was cool. So what were you playing on the piano? I love the piano =)

- Sarah

Poppa Dan said...

Now there's an old friend. That old klunker piano. You know there's a story that I sold that piano to pay tuition, a girl bought it from me and named it Ben. We had an understanding that I could buy it back for the same price she paid for it, but the opportunity kept slipping away. So, Tim, (my brother, your uncle) bought it back and gave it to me for Christmas. It's a sweet story.

For over 40 years, nearly everything I composed was on that piano. Now it's yours, and you can compose and play on it. I always intended to give it to you from the day you were born. Not that it's worth much or plays well, but it has a nice history.

I love this photo of your hands playing old Ben.

I love you.

Victoria said...

how neat :)

Shannon said...

yay for shutter speeds!

Colleen said...

So beautiful!