Monday, September 19

day eighteen: in my bag.

- in my bag -
colored chapstick

i'm pretty boring when it comes to what's in my bag.
i just hate carrying around a heavy purse.


Emma Frances said...

I love your bag! And I need to be better about keeping my bag cleaned out!

Krizann said...

you're purse must be so clean! nice! =)

Annika said...

I wish I could honestly say their was that little in my purse! Though half of it is probably a bunch of old receipts...

A Sweet Release

kira said...

You are organized! I had to move to a smaller bag as mine always ended up being stuffed full of receipts and pieces of paper. Now that I don't have the space, I keep it a bit more clean.

Ruthy said...

You don't carry much in your bag. For some reason whenever I carry my large bag the whole house ends up in there. I also love your purse very pretty and I love neutral colors.

hannah singer said...

love it.
and isn't that lip balm the jam?! xo

Alana said...

wow, that's it? I feel like a slob now. haha

Courtney B said...

CUTE bag! But seriously, how do you keep it so empty? I HATE carrying my heavy bag but I can't seem to lighten it up. Half of the problem is my husband. Over the weekend he collects as many treats as he can and stuffs them in my purse. He promises to clean it out later... but of course that doesn't happen! :)