Friday, August 19

bedside tables.

my new bedside tables were delivered today.
i really happy with them.
now i just need to make my headboard, duvet & find some really great lamps.

any ideas as to where i can find some lamps?



Caroline said...

Very cute! Urban Outfitters has surprisingly awesome furniture! There are some chairs on their website I've been lusting after for awhile now - if only I had more dolla dolla bills :)

Can't wait to see your completed room! Duvet hunting is the toughest!

Stephanie said...

I have never thought about buying furniture at Urban Outfitters, but I always think they have great stuff when I look at the catalog! We even have an Urban Outfitters about 15 minutes away from us. I love all their textiles!

Karissa said...

If you have any Hobby Lobby stores near you, they always have some really cute and unique lamps. I got a cute square lamp at Target. Thrift stores are always great too :) Good luck!

Wander.Lust said...

i never thought of buying furniture at U.O but these bedside tables are totally cute!

Sera Pie said...

I love that bedside table! Target is always good for cute lamps.

Tabitha Lynn said...

So cute, ours are from Ikea and when we move they're not coming with! I love Urban Outfitter's home section, such great pieces!


chantelle.elise said...

no but i need some too, share when you find a good place/some places!!