Thursday, July 7

summer inspirations.

a late night summer drive-in

the local diner for some grub

 a dip in the pool


ice cream

the summer parades

the outdoor summer concerts

i love summer.
it's my favorite time of year.
what do you love about summer?



kimbirdy said...

this all sounds absolutely perfect! going to the drive-in and summer concerts are some of my favorite memories. now i just need to find a good pool. :)

autumn jordan said...

such a lovely, very retro summer! have you thought about looking to see if there are any local roller rinks? that could be fun!

my summer has been filled with picture taking, exploring, a pretty little dresses!

autumn jordan

Carly said...

Ohhh such a retro feel! I love this! I wish there was an easier way to find summer drive-in movies though. Someone needs to come up with a site devoted to that! Not it!


Jennyboo said...

Summer is my favorite time as well! I love not having to bring a jacket out for the day and being able to wear dresses and sandals until twilight. Loving all of the inspiration pics! Yes for ice cream! xx

Bon Bon said...

Mmm. vintage! Love it. I love sunshine, sunglasses, sandals, dresses, and ice cream cones! xoxo

Aubrey said...

OH how I love love the drive in!!

Kuleigh said...

My favorite things about summer? Being able to relax and enjoy all those things you listed. Swimming, reading outside, the warmth on my skin, picnics, etc.

Anonymous said...


just stumbled across your blog. It's lovely ... wish it was summer here in Australia.

Kelly @
Elegantly Academic

Abbey said...

My favorite thing about summer is the relaxed feeling I have constantly, even if I'm super busy. I also love all the backyard bbqs, and late night swims. :) You should definitely use your film cameras, they are so fun! Your blog looks lovely! :)

Ashley said...

Absolutely LOVE this post. Summer is my favorite time of the year and for pretty much all of these reasons.

Michelle said...

These are so pretty... and I do enjoy each and every one of those summer things. Summer is so lovely... I kind of never want it to leave.