Wednesday, June 29

just another boring post.

i'm pretty sure this "abc's of me" post was posted by everyone under the sun about 2-3 months ago.
i never did it. so now i am.

age: 27
bed size: king
chore you hate: dishes & cleaning the liter box
dogs: nope. i prefer cats... meow!
essential part of your day: my face moisturizer & my morning coffee
favorite color: green
gold or silver: both... but mostly gold
height: 5 feet 10 inches
instruments i play{ed}: the piano & once upon a time i played the violin
job title: financial analyst extraordinaire
kid{s}: some day
live: salt lake city, by the capitol
mom's name: beverly
nickname{s}: liz, lix, eli, lizzie, biz & liz-beth...
and these are all used by most everyone on a regular basis
overnight hospital stay{s}: um... not that i can remember?
pet peeve{s}: lack of gratitude & people who act entitled...
seriously drives me NUTS.
quote from a movie: ...i'm not going to repeat all the quotes i remember
cause they're all a little too crass... 
right or left handed: when i write it's with my right hand, but i bat left handed...
don't ask me why.
sibling{s}: just one & he's younger & not nearly as funny as me.
i got all the funny genes.
time you wake up: usually about 7:30am just in time to be to work at 8am.
underwear: am i supposed to answer my preference or if i'm wearing any?
either way, skip!
vegetables you dislike: eggplant & mushrooms.
let's just say i had very bad experiences with both and don't want to elaborate.
what makes you run late: over sleeping?...
i usually end up places early or on time.
x-rays you've had done: i remember having an x-ray done when i was little,
but for the life of me can't remember what it was for.
yummy food you make: i'm a culinary genius. everything i make is amazing.
zoo animal: anything in the cat family

the end.


Dale said...

Cute post, it's not boring :) I totally agree with you about the pet peeves too. I like your sibling comment too. LOL


Natalie said...

May I steal this? I've seen it before too, but now it's perfect because I'm completely out of things to write about, as evidenced by my recent dream-journaling and calling it a blog. :)

elisabeth said...

steal away natalie!



Andrea Neudorf said...

Cool questions, You're tall! And I agree with the mushrooms..YUCK!

Lola Jay Design said...

Love you. Makes me miss you like crazy!