Saturday, June 11

i know, you've missed me.

hi kids!
i took an extra {unplanned, but needed} week away from blogging.
not that i'm really back in full force, but i'll be around.

we have SO MANY projects coming up in the bennett house!
i can't even wait to share them with you!

this summer is full of so many plans and i'm really happy about it.
i love summer.
we have more family weddings & we're sending off a missionary.

so between all the action & projects, posting may be a bit sporadic.
if you can't get enough of me on the blog, remember you can always find me on:
instagram - elisabethb

with that said, i have something for you...

if this sounds familiar, it's probably because it is.
this is the new bon iver!
just go HERE and you can grab the zip file
and these songs are all yours.
you're welcome!

i hope everyone is doing well.
soon enough i'll be back in the swing of things.

1 comment:

des said...

ooh colby and i are loving the new bon iver too! what a sweet sound he creates. have a loverly day!