Monday, May 16

weekend review.

over the weekend we went on a double date with
our friends kurt & asha.
clearly, it consisted of some miniature golf.

 the boys got a hole in one!

then kurt & asha were being cute.

 then brandon got another hole in one...

 the bran & i thought about moving into
this awesome cave!

 the 18th hole was pretty amazing too.

we also:
-finally went grocery shopping
-made a trip to ikea
-played with our nephews

what did you do over the weekend?



kira said...

Mini golf is so fun! My husband just got a new set of golf clubs for his birthday. He said he wants to go mini golfing and take his entire set of clubs with him like a giant dork.

Stephanie said...

Fun! I haven't played mini golf in a LONG time! We even have a cute little course right by our house. We'll have to go this summer!

michael ann said...

i played wii golf this weekend with crazy little sisters... does that count as mini golf? haha!

Colby Kern said...

I'm a new follower and wanted to say hi!

I looooove mini golf! LOVE.

kimbirdy said...

wow, i haven't been mini golfing in ages! it definitely seems like something that's way more fun now that we're grown ups. :) the highlight of my weekend {and possibly year} was performing at the hotel cafe in hollywood. hooray for the weekend!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Looks like a blast! :)

Lily said...

mini golf sounds so much fun! I've never been mini golfing but I've seen it in movies and love it! Sounds like you've had a blast!