Saturday, May 21

to the beach.

all i can think about as of late is going to the beach.
{not that there are any awesome oceanside beaches in salt lake}
but we have a few good lakes to visit...
to the beach
{click for details}
i've been obessesing over marc jacobs spring 2011 collection
for a while now...
especially this swimsuit & coverup.
i really just want to wear it to the beach.
le sigh.

it's been raining non-stop in slc.
i'm ready for some sun & swimming!

what do you like to do when the sun is out?



Grace B. said...

That suit is so cheerful and sweet! When the sun is out, I like to "tan," otherwise known as "lying outside with 10,000 SPF on." ;)

Gillian said...

I love everything to do with primary colors! So, I adore these pieces! Thanks for sharing, and I hope the rain in SLC lets up soon!

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kimbirdy said...

cute suit! i'm sure i'll be doing plenty of beaching this summer. it's the first year i'll be living in a hot place since 2004! i can't wait to sit out in the sun, eat way more gelato than recommended, and live in my sunblock.