Tuesday, May 24

new bathroom.

in a few weeks we're redoing our bathroom.
i'm so excited.
let's face it, our bathroom is really ugly right now.
the only thing i like about it is the floor.
it's different shades of grey & light blue...
we're going to work with the colors in the floor
& i think it's going to look really awesome.
here's some of the stuff we've already picked out:
new bathroom
{click for more info}

i have a TON of paid time off i've saved
& won't be using anytime this year.
so i'm going to take a week off in june to do the bathroom.
of course i'll take before & after pics.

what summer projects do you have planned?



Lindsay Ann said...

i love this color palette! so beautiful...can't wait to see before and after pics!

astripejunkie said...

Can't wait to see the finished product! That shower curtain is lovely!

Delaney said...

I love bathrooms that are so nice a pretty. It makes getting ready so much more fun! haha hope it turns our great! Can't wait to see it.

lrs said...

i love the shower curtain & those towels look so fluffy & soft!

Stephanie said...

Yay! I can't wait to see before and after pictures! I love room makeovers! : )

kira said...

That is a really similar color palette to our just recently remodeled master bathroom. We love it!

kimbirdy said...

oh i love your colors and textures! it's going to look fantastic. this summer we'll be finishing our cabana out in the courtyard. ...and by "we" i really mean the mister. :)

Amanda Gibson said...

I love your color combination - I'm going for almost the exact same color scheme in my bedroom. We are skipping the "summer projects" and waiting till fall to do ours. We did lots of spring stuff - so summer will be a nice break! Happy Tuesday!

ashley said...

Love the color scheme!

I have a whole apt planned (considering I haven't found it yet and am selling everything I own and starting over...eek) :)